Significance of Ik Onkar Silver Bracelets

Ik Onkar is a sign of unity and oneness, this symbol represents the central belief of Sikhism. The idea behind this symbol is that there is only one god who is the only supreme power which unites the world. This symbol is especially worn by Sikh people who have faith on “Ik Onkar”. You can find this symbol in several Sikh prayers, at Gurudwars, and on religious scriptures.  A lot of people who believe in Sikhism wear Ik Onkar silver bracelets on their wrists as a religious symbol.

The word “Ik Onkar” has three components namely “Ik” which means one, “On” stands for everything and “Kar” means “creator”. The symbol signifies one creator who manifests in all existence. The symbol also has some resemblance with the Sanskrit word “OM” which is again a symbol of religion.

Buy Ik Onkar silver bracelets

You can buy these bracelets from several online websites at affordable prices. The importance of wearing this bracelet is as follows:

  1. Symbol of god:One can feel close to god while wearing this symbol in the form of bracelet. Ik Onkar is a powerful mantra and the holiest sign of divinity. This symbol has meaningful sense which when worn can keep people’s anger in control and serve them in danger.
  2. Sign of protection: The continuous chant of this mantra can safeguard people from any evil spirit.
  3. Lucky charm: These religious bracelets are considered to be lucky for people. The bracelets are popularly worn to feel blessed and fortunate.
  4. Trendy designs:“Ik Onkar” bracelets are available in different and trendy designs. Several online websites offer new styles of 
  5. Gifts: These religious bracelets are the best gift that one can give to their loved ones on auspicious occasions.

All can be enlightened in your life with ik onkar silver bracelet which has great significance.

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